The Force is strong with this one

Yesterday, The Boss asked if we should have some sort of visual attraction in the store. The idea was that this might help draw in customers just for curiosity’s sake. He asked if a 10-foot polar bear hanging from our pegboards would be interesting enough without being distracting. I said that we should drive up to Liquor Barn and get the giant cardboard cutouts of Admiral Ackbar and Obi-Wan.

In keeping with the Star Wars theme, I thought maybe the following exchange would be likely to occur:

Customer: Do you have any ThinkPads on display?

Store: Yes, the ThinkPads are over with the giant Death Star [points to non-existent display]…..Oh, wait…the Death Star was destroyed…and with it, all chances of you actually receiving a ThinkPad in a timely manner. Sorry.


One response to “The Force is strong with this one

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