Monthly Archives: July 2003


What I bought at the grocery store tonight: Hedley’s Peach Apricot tea in a cool wooden box. It was cheaper than the Celestial Seasonings or Lipton teas in the plain cardboard box.

I saw The Boss’s mother and sister while shopping. I congratulated her on her new grandson, and it was just obvious that she couldn’t figure out from where she knew me.



What I’m listening to at work (through my wonderful iTunes interface):Virgin Radio. They claim to play “Today’s best music and classic tracks”. While I agree that the selection of current music is excellent, I have to take exception with the idea that Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” should be lumped into the “classic tracks” category. I really could have lived a few more decades without hearing that yet again.


I was reading my stats from my hit counter and thought it was funny that some people stumbled upon my site after searching for goofy stuff (like, “is there a correlation between the dandelion and christianity”…sounds like someone was looking up homework answers). I hope everyone who got here accidentally was amused after they arrived.

The GoStats people also rank your site based on the hits they record and mine was something like 1350 in the Entertainment category for the week. There were 17,500+ sites! I looked at the top 25 sites, and, predictably, they were all for free pr0n, hentai sites, and other pages of nekkid people. Since I can’t compete with that, I’ll just have to be happy with my PG-rated site.


I saw two things tonight that further emphasize the economic diversity of my street.

1. I left the house to take a walk around the neighborhood. About halfway up the street on the other side, I saw the local bank president’s wife come out of their house. She engaged me in conversation with, “It’s a great night to walk, isn’t it?” I agreed that it was. She said that she was going to take her dog for a walk, but thought she should change out of her short-sleeve sweater since it was too heavy in the humidity. I agreed that was a good idea. Then she went inside and I walked on. When I got to the corner, I wondered if I should have offered to wait for her, so we could walk together. I pondered this far longer than necessary, then turned around to go back to her house. I saw her put her dog into her SUV and then back out of her driveway. After that, I turned BACK around and kept walking up the street. She waved at me as she sped past. I couldn’t think of where she would drive her dog to walk.

2. As I returned to my house, I saw the guy who lives on the other side of the duplex from Cat Guy next door. The duplex is owned by a local farm and it houses assorted workers as part of their “benefits”. I am just lucky that both sides are currently occupied by single gentlemen who apparently have no social life whatsoever. Anyway, the guy from the other side was bringing a 24-pack of beer and the change from the purchase to Cat Guy. Cat Guy has no vehicle, as he lost his license years ago for repeated DUI infractions, so he’d sent his neighbor out on a beer run.


I was reading about the new Ewan McGregor movie, Young Adam. Perhaps I should get back to work before I get too distracted! By the way, you’re welcome for that Public Service Announcement…

In other news, the Vidal Sassoon 1500 hairdryer I bought in 1988 at Montgomery Ward’s (who went bankrupt two years ago, I think) finally broke down this morning. It still blows air, but the heating element is dead. I could stand in front of my floor fan and it would be just as effective.


In a cheap attempt to try out the “blog this” addition to my toolbar, here is what I am listening to at work: The Man Who CD by Travis.


More iced tea comments: The Almighty Cthulhu has an Iced Tea Mandate which states that if it isn’t straight sweet tea, then it isn’t tea. He said that I “need to lay off the Herbal Essences hippie bullshit herbal crap” and get back to basics. The only thing that could have made it funnier was if he’d gone all Mike Myers from the SNL “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap” episodes, but he didn’t.


I came back to work yesterday and left with a big headache from dealing with all the asshats. After work, I went to the grocery and was almost too tired to get a load of laundry started. I am going to attack Mt. Washmore this week in hopes of trimming it down to a more manageable size.