Monthly Archives: August 2003


CK came over last night and we watched Moulin Rouge, since she’d never seen it. We both just sat there, mesmerized by Ewan McGregor’s huge talent.

I’ve done absolutely nothing today. I wanted to cut the grass, but it rained. So, I did a load of laundry and dishes, read my e-mail, then took a long nap. Now I’m ready to go back to bed. I think working last weekend drained me. I didn’t mind it when I was working, but when I woke up on Thursday and expected it to be Saturday, it was difficult to get up and go. Good thing we are off on Monday.



Now I regret not going to the Wesley Willis concert when he was in the Big City this Spring. Why didn’t I go? I shall use this event as a sign that I need to get out more, because you never know what will happen. You may never get another chance to do whatever it is that you’ve been putting off until later.


Sad news of the day: Wesley Willis died August 21, 2003.


The monthly Home Ideas newsletter had the results of last month’s poll: How often does your family barbecue in the Summer? 56% of the people said twice a week or more, 25% said once a week, 12% said once a month, and 8% said never. I was in the last group. Those frequent barbecuers must have a gas grill, because I guarantee that if they only have a charcoal grill, they would also be in with me and the other 8%. It is such a PITA to clean that thing off each time you want to grill something, then you have to dump the ashes and everything’s such a mess.

I could cook on the indoor grill, but it’s just as big a pain. The previous owner had delusions of being a caterer, so she spent $15,000 remodeling the kitchen (all the while neglecting the obvious roof leak and other states of disrepair in the house). She had a Jenn-Aire downdraft cooktop installed on an island in the middle of the kitchen. It looks nice, but if you don’t have the grill blazing hot before you add food, everything sticks to it. As there’s no central air conditioning, and just a window unit in the kitchen, I don’t ever feel like bringing the area temperature up to a number of degrees that rival the surface of the sun just to have some grilled steaks in the summer.


The local Domino’s Pizza has a sign out front offering “free delivery”. Today, they covered the word “free” with blue electrical tape. I guess I won’t find out if they are charging for delivery, because their pizza tastes like ass, anyway. And they always burn the crust.

Speaking of burning food, I am cooking a broccoli and cheese casserole to take to the church hall in the morning. A lady from church called last night to say that Mrs. W’s eldest son had been killed Saturday when he was struck by a car. He was crossing the street up in the town where I work, I was told.

Mrs. W and Mr. W used to live up the street from me, but they’d put their house on the market last September. They had a hard time selling the house, because their next door neighbor is Crazy Old Mrs. Night, whose whole yard is overgrown and looks like a jungle. You can’t walk on the sidewalk in front of the house because of all the poison ivy and thorny stuff. In any event, Mr. W called his eldest son and asked him to come over and clean out the gutters in October, but the son said he couldn’t make it until the week later. Mr. W decided he would clean the gutters himself, and set up his big extension ladder. As these stories usually go, Mr. W fell off the ladder, and as he was 81 years old, died from the complications in November. The son spiraled into a big depression over the guilt of “killing his own father” and started drinking. A different Church Lady told me the son, who was 54, was wandering around intoxicated and walked out into traffic. It’s still a sad state of affairs for Mrs. W. Though her house finally sold last month, so that’s something.


I took some new allergy medication at work today. I think I’ll stick with my old medication in the future. Because it is usually better if I am awake when I am typing in the total on someone’s credit card invoice…else they are likely to be charged $1900.00 instead of $19 for a network card.


A customer on the phone just said I was a “plethora of information”. I told her I was more a cornucopia than a plethora.

I just feel that I’m more a profusion of information than an overabundance of same.


The weather was hot, but not as humid yesterday, so working the tent wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

One funny moment came when a mom was buying some software for her daughter and made the comment, “I was just telling her that, when *I* went to college, we just took ourselves…we didn’t take computers.” The Boss told me later that he had to stop himself from saying, “That’s because they were as big as the World Trade Center towers and cost $50 million dollars”.

The Boss had picked me up at my house in the big work van and we’d driven in together both days. On Sunday, we stopped for gas on the way home. The gas station we stopped at always has some peddler on the corner selling rugs or Tommy Hilfiger gear or other stolen things. Yesterday it was the Rug People. Once the van was gassed up, The Boss got back in and I asked him to ask the Rug People how much the Kokopelli rug cost. He drove over, leaned out the window and asked, but the Rug Lady told him he’d have to wait just a minute. He told her he was in The Company Vehicle and couldn’t wait. She told him the rugs were all different sizes and prices. He said, “That rug. Right there. Off the line. How much is it?” She finally stammered that it was $125; he thanked her and we left. I can’t believe they are charging $125 for a rug that they don’t even bother to roll up when it rains.