Monthly Archives: May 2004


Happy Memorial Day!

In the words of the Lakota Sioux:

Ah key chee ta-keyn-we cha you oh nee huh pay.

Honor the veterans.



Cars from all over the region are driving up and down my street today. Are they here for an Art Walk? Maybe they’re here for the three day Polka Festival? Or perhaps they’re here for the Bike Rally.

Alas, none of these events take place anywhere near my house. But what is right by my house is The Creek (usually referenced here by the “Creek’s Up” statement). Flood stage is at 18 feet and it’s currently running at 23.10 feet. The neighbors across the street have packed up and gone, since the water is at their door and The Creek hasn’t crested yet. Their neighbor upcreek wasn’t as lucky. He moved his truck, but not far enough out of the path. The water is up to the windows of his house. I had a 20-gallon bucket at the bottom of the porch steps and it is half full.

It seems almost silly to write about the destructive force of flood waters, because many people have the attitude that, “Well, if you’re fool enough to live on the water, then you take what you get.” But other activities are affected, too.

If the water hits 25 feet, the water plant will close and the entire city will be left without bath water, toilet-flushing water, laundry water, etc. The YMCA baseball fields are under four feet of water, which means no t-ball or little league games can be played until it recedes. The school bus parking lot is also flooded and no bus can leave. Good thing it’s a long weekend, innit?


My red and blue betta fish died Friday night and I was seriously bummed about it, because I really missed him. After taking care of him for a year, I had nothing to do. I moped around the house all day Saturday. Mr. Capp asked if I wanted to go out shopping, but I didn’t.

When he came home, he told me to close my eyes for a big surprise. What could it be? Faux-fur-lined handcuffs? A new digital camera? I opened my eyes and he showed me what he’d gotten. It was a new royal blue betta fish named George! George is happy in his new home and I am happy to watch him swim over to me while I sing to him.

Mr. Capp also got me The Very Best of the Gipsy Kings and Roots, the latest acoustic recording by the Gipsy Kings.

A new fish and flamenco dance music. What more does a girl need to make her happy?


Friday was a day with a full schedule for me, so I apologize for not being here to supply all my Faithful Readers with their fix. =)

I drove a Very Close Family Member to the southwestern part of the state, so that she could receive a Genuine Award in a state recognition ceremony. We talked, we laughed, we sang, we told jokes, we ate at Cracker Barrel. How much MORE fun could a person have?

Mr. Capp planned to drive to the ceremony with Dr. Evil in her car, but at the last minute, she invited her sister (!) and the sister’s granddaughter. I have given up trying to figure her out. Dr. Evil wouldn’t let Mr. Capp drive, so he got bent out of shape as he had to cram in to the back seat with the granddaughter. He offered her some pretzels and his Aunt said, “Don’t feed her. She easily gets sick in the car.” He said when they took off at light speed and made fast lane changes, he knew why people might become ill. Even with all the crazy Need For Speed driving the Aunt did, they still barely made it to the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Dr. Evil and the Aunt said we’d all have to leave immediately, as the Aunt wanted to get back to The Big City. I told the Aunt she could cram it, because we were going to eat at a nice steak house in town after we went to the punch and cookies reception. They left and Mr. Capp and I, plus a couple of Very Close Family Members (including my mother and brother) went to supper where we had a fantastic time for the next hour and a half.

Driving back on the highway, we passed Dr. Evil’s car! Boy, was he mad! He drove to her house to wait for her, and when they pulled in, he took Dr. Evil aside and said, “I thought you had to leave right away!” She said, “Oh, well… your Aunt decided not to go back to The Big City tonight, so we stopped to eat.” I said, “Interesting. You should have called Mr. Capp on his cell phone and let him know, so that we could have all eaten together.” She stammered, “Oh, well, we would have, but her cell phone was dead and we had no way to charge it.”

Just as she finished saying this, her sister breezed past, talking on her cell phone. Mr. Capp told Dr. Evil that she wasn’t invited to the next Big Event.


I was reading some of the articles that were posted on Fark today and came across one entitled, Six Things You Don’t Know About: Kentucky. While they’ve written up some articles on a few other states, I was most interested in this one because I actually live here. Almost unbelievable, I know, but it’s true. I’d like to say I took issue with anything in the article, but every item on the list was valid.

Oh, and if anyone decides they want to be a Kentucky Colonel, let me know, and I can hook you up. You get a certificate, suitable for framing!


Tomorrow is CK’s birthday (w00t!), so she’s taking the day off. She’s also taking all of next week off, but the possibility of coming in to work and not seeing her here makes me sad, so I cannot speak of it now.

The Angry Old Woman was in charge of bringing in CK’s birthday fixins’ for the Birthday Club this morning, but she’d forgotten. She frantically phoned her daughter and begged her to “pick up some dessert items” and have them delivered by ten, the time the partying would commence. Ten o’clock came and went, and CK got disturbed and vowed revenge upon those who would forget her birthday.

CK came in to my office to tell me how she was going to dismember TAOW, when The Boss asked, “Are you doing anything for lunch?” CK told him she was going out with the guy that works in the back, then asked if he wanted her to pick him up something while she was out. He told her he was going to take her to lunch for her birthday. Talk about overreacting! CK went all red in the face and started stammering. I told her she should ditch the other guy and take The Boss up on his offer, but she didn’t think she could withstand an hour alone with the man. She politely declined.

An hour later, The Boss asked me if I was doing anything for lunch, and since I knew the answer to this question, I said no. Then he asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him and I accepted. I flounced out to CK’s desk and told her that she’d just been Cicada’d.


While you’re at the baseball game, please remember that there are no flusher handles in the Port-a-Potty.


It’s time once again for Wednesday Wreck of the Week!

This particular truck is parked at the end of my street every morning when I go to work. It looks like someone took a baseball bat and vandalized only selected parts of the truck body. I was hoping to get some close up detail of the birdshot-peppered area over the back wheel, but I didn’t have the fancy camera.