Staff Appreciation Day 2004

Staff Appreciation Day was held at the company today for those who haven’t been fired or laid off yet. We got free pizza and a T-shirt in lieu of raises again this year.

Since our department didn’t sponsor a table for the swarming masses this year, The Boss drew up a schedule so we could all attend for an hour and 45 minutes. The Angry Old Woman was in the first group, and she came back loaded down with tote bags full of free crap. She asked CK to “pick up” some more free stuff for her when she went later, but neglected to offer CK any of the stuff already in her bags.

When we got back later, TAOW asked CK to show her what she’d gotten. CK opened the small bag and pilfered through the minimal amount of trinkets she’d picked up, then said, “There wasn’t a whole lot left when we got over there.” TAOW said, “I hate it when people get all greedy and take more than their fair share.” Mmmm… yeah… this from a woman who asked for a second t-shirt because she’d dropped pizza sauce on the first one.

CK and I actually got scheduled together and that’s something that NEVER happens. We took advantage of the moment by holding hands and skipping out the door. Literally.

After we got to the Coliseum, we rushed through the lines, then escaped to the Thai restaurant next door. We got to have a leisurely lunch of chicken and/or tofu pad thai, washed down with drinks of water and/or thai iced tea. CK got a nervous twitch when she noticed that the man behind the check-out counter looked like Chairman Mao. I assured her the man was dead, but she said he looked very much alive to her.


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