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The Wealthiest Woman I Know just stopped by the house to drop off some pre-made meals. You know how some people will bring you casseroles or something similar in GladWare or other containers that don’t need to be washed or returned? Well, the stuff she brought was in “Belgian Cream Puff” and “Belgian Eclair” containers. I checked the label on the back of the container, and they really used to contain bakery items imported from Belgium. I’m planning on saving these tubs and using them later, whenever I need to drop off some homemade food with someone in their time of need.

When I answered the door, TWWIK handed me a bag with the food inside and said, “Here’s some dinner, so you don’t have to cook.” It’s not like she brought broccoli casserole or some other standard dish. She brought fresh dove baked in wine and cream sauce, and actually apologized for the “simple green beans and potatoes” container. Her cook had extra doves because one of TWWIK’s sons had gone out on the estate and shot more than she’d requested.

TWWIK is a very nice, incredibly generous, sincere woman. And she throws fantastic parties.



CK has been furthering her Alan Rickman obsession by reading some fanfic on various websites. According to her, the majority of the stories detail situations with Mr. Rickman as Severus Snape; of those stories, most involve Snape and Remus Lupin and the lurve that the two men share. However, the last story had a twist that added the Giant Squid from the lake.

CK’s take on this: “I’m all about the beauty of man-on-man love, but leave the squid out of it.”

She can read hot slash all day long, but when the scene turns to interspecies lurve, she draws the line. Now there’s a woman with standards.


I was only back in the office for one day before KIA started brewing her coffee with the Gut Rotting Stench.

When I got to work this morning, MDS and The Angry Old Woman had already engaged in a smackdown that ended with TAOW storming out the door and yelling, “I don’t have to work under these conditions!”

Some people really know how to make the workplace a place of secure comfort where you can count on the same things happening day after day.


It’s time once again for Wednesday Wreck of the Week!

I saw this early one morning while I was in The Big City. Note that the Jeep is sitting under a “One Way” sign. Incredibly, the Ford pickup truck he hit wasn’t driving the opposite way… it was rushing through the intersection, and the driver didn’t bother looking the “wrong” way to see if any imbeciles were rolling down the street.

Just for my loyal readers, I drove around the block and parked on the other side of the street in order to get a higher-caliber-than-usual picture with a proper digital camera.

Stayed tuned for a very special WOTW next week, when MY OWN CAR will be featured with damage inflicted by my own father!


You know what’s moderately annoying? When people say things like, “If you need anything, just let me know”, and then you let them know, but all of a sudden, they’re unavailable to render any actual assistance. Or, maybe they’ll grudgingly help out, but then endlessly complain about it and make you regret asking at all.


The Kentucky Education Association staged a Day of Protest at the state capitol today. They are upset with their new health insurance plan (which, incidentally, still costs less money and covers more than my insurance plan), so they went to Frankfort to march around with portable chairs slung over their shoulders, chant silly rhymes (including the ever-unimaginative: “What do we want?” “To keep paying the same low rate on our health insurance premiums!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”), and wave homemade signs at the news cameras.

I watched some people give their standard complaint: “If they raise my health insurance costs, then I have no reason to work.” Call me cynical, but I have heard that so many times before. Is this the best that folks can come up with?? I mean, no one cares if you can afford to work or not, because if you quit (and these people rarely quit, because they couldn’t get a job anywhere else), there are a hundred people jockeying in line for your newly vacated position.

The most depressing part of the protest was all the misspellings and grammatical errors on the hand printed signs. Example: “No bone’s about it! My rates is too high!”

Our governor was out of town and missed the whole thing.


After living with my folks for the past week, I’ve started to notice a few differences between their house and mine. Here are some things my parents have that I don’t:

1) Central air conditioning – I am so unused to the whole “climate controlled” environment, which means that the air temperature is the same when you wake up as it was when you went to sleep. Plus, they kept the thermostat set on something like 74 degrees, so I was burning up most of the time, anyway.

2) Zero humidity – I hadn’t realized how I’d come to rely on moisture in the air to keep my nasal membranes from drying out and bleeding.

3) Cable television in every room – Even the kitchen.

4) Water and ice through the door of the fridge – I could get used to that.

5) 56K Dial-up internet access – I could NOT get used to that.


Cheaper Than Therapy may explode without warning


This was knicked from Bunny Burrow. Thanks, Chana!