Bike thieves from Deliverance

I went to the dollar movie place tonight to see Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Then I came home and drove past Betty McThievery’s house to stare at Mr. Capp’s bike that was boldly on display in her front yard. Scary men were sitting on the porch, so I kept on driving. Which is difficult to pull off with nonchalance, because she lives on a dead-end street.

Around 10, I left the house to take a casual stroll past her house. The men from Deliverance were still out there. Seriously, one was dressed in a pair of overalls and nothing else.

At midnight, I stepped out for another evening constitutional. I figure there’s no harm in walking around your own neighborhood. Part of me even considered just walking up and taking the bike right out of the yard, since it belongs to me. But I saw the maniac woman and lots of kids, so I just kept walking. Plus, the house was still lit up like a home improvement center.

Mr. Capp just drove past the house and said all their lights were out. I am going out for another walk, and this time I hope to return with what is rightfully mine.


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