A dumber plumber

Remember my mini rant about people who offer to help, but they’re really just saying that to seem nice? I just had the same conversation with Crazy Dave, the plumber who stalks me at my office.

CD: I just heard about Mr. Capp’s heart transplant. Wow!

Me: Yeah. He’s back at his house now, though, and seems to be doing fine.

CD: I’m glad he’s OK. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I live in the same county as you, so, if you need anything, I’m right there for you.

Me {nodding head}: Thanks, CD.

CD: No, I really mean it. Anything at all, you just let me know.

Me: Well, I have a Murdock hydrant out in the side yard that’s been leaking since January, but I can’t get a plumber to come out to the house.

CD: …

Me: So, since you’re a plumber, and I really need that fixture to stop leaking, maybe you can come out to the house some time and work on it.

CD {whispering}: Err…. ah…. mmm…. well, you see… I’m not actually what you’d call… a LICENSED plumber…, so I’d have to put you in touch with someone else.

I thanked CD again as he rushed out the door. With luck, he won’t venture back in to my office anytime soon.

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