Monthly Archives: January 2005


Before I left for the New Employee gig this morning, SBC suggested a course of action. He said I should, “Pick out one of the new hires, lure them into the ladies’ room, silently murder them, then adopt their identity and their new job.”

When I returned, without having murdered anyone, I told The Boss what SBC had said. The Boss said, “Well, that would never work, really, because you’d have to pick out a single woman who wouldn’t be missed by anyone if she didn’t come home tonight. There’s no way to find all that out at the Orientation, unless you start as soon as you walk in and look for wedding rings. Then you could chat up only the women not wearing them.” I backed out of his office, since it was clear he’d given this far too much thought.

This afternoon, I went to pick Mr. Capp up and I was telling him all the news and he noted that I was sounding increasingly disgruntled. He asked, “You’re not going to go… Postal… or whatever they’re calling it these days, are you?” I said it wasn’t possible, since to have any access to firearms, I’d have to borrow The Boss’s car keys and go get one out of his Jeep. By that time, the element of surprise would be lost.



Even though the store is closing, no “official” announcement has been made, so I had no choice but to go work the New Employee Orientation this morning. It was very depressing to see all the freshly hired people and have to explain all the products and services our store provides.

One of the new hires that walked in used to be a temp at our front sales counter. Her claim to fame with us was that she was the first and only temp we ever had to fire. Yet, it seems that another department has taken her on as a permanent employee. I wonder if her new department is hiring…


I took some time off from writing my resume to get a picture for Sunday House Fire of the Week (probably NOT a regular feature, since these things tend to happen only in winter).


Supper tonight: One row of Fudge Stripe cookies, a glass of milk and a side of despair.


Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and support. The only reason I’ve worked here for the past fifteen years was because it offered me “stability”. Now that’s gone and I’m left to wonder where other people in town actually work. Because why should I transfer and continue working for the larger organization if any portion of it could be closed down on an Administrative whim? Plus, right before the meeting, the President sent everyone an e-mail saying he was instituting a hiring freeze, so it’s not too likely I’d be able to transfer anywhere, anyway.

Surely there’s a job out there that pays as well, has full coverage health insurance AND doesn’t involve an even longer commute than this one?


I’m considering changing my usual answer to this standard customer question:

Q: How long are y’all open?

A: Until 5:00… on June 30!


This morning, everyone in the store was summoned, via e-mail, to a meeting room across the street. The mail came from The Boss of The Boss, and didn’t list the addresses of anyone at our warehouse location. As we all walked over, I jokingly said, “I’d like to thank you in advance for this surprise birthday party, but it really wasn’t necessary…”

Boy, was *I* ever wrong about the reason for our assembly!! The store got the axe! As of July 1, 2005, unless we’ve found other employment, we’ll all be out on the streets.

The Boss of The Boss of The Boss was there to make the announcement. Any time when you walk into a meeting room and see the administrator of your department WITH a lady from Human Resources, it’s a portent of doom.



I guess there are worse ways a girl could spend her birthday than to lay around in bed all day, then eat an order of Skyline Chili while watching Alton Brown cook on the Food Network.