Dude. It’s already the 10th.

Throughout my recent job search, Mr. Capp has been very helpful in suggesting any number of out-of-state employment opportunities. Today, he e-mailed me about an opening with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and suggested that not only was I qualified, but I might score free tickets to the performances.

For years, we had season tickets to the Lyric Opera. They had a deal for people who lived farther than 120 miles from Chicago, where you got to see two different performances in one weekend, and six shows were included. We’d drive up on a Friday, go to a classy restaurant, see a show, then spend most of Saturday at the Art Institute Museum, shop, go to a different classy restaurant, and see a second show that night. We’d drive back on Sunday and it was a nice way to spend a weekend.

Or so I thought. Mr. Capp finally broke down and admitted that he hated the opera and never wanted to go again. The admission came during intermission, after several glasses of wine, AND after a ticket scalper in the mens’ room tried to sell him “better” seats for the second half. After he sobered up the next day, he changed his mind, but we’ve never returned.


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