Mr. Capp and I drove to Rocky’s on the riverfront in Jeffersonville, Indiana last night to meet up with a man on the Heart Transplant List. The researchers in the bone marrow/stem cell/partial-chimerism study wanted Mr. Capp to reassure the man (and mostly his wife) that the research was worthwhile and that he should participate. It turned out that he was all for it, but his wife was skeptical. Her pointed question, “Why do this, when we don’t know if it will work?” seemed to beg for my answer, “Because if your husband is the one it works on, he will be thanked by future generations for helping to make their lives better.” This answer would’ve worked on me, but she was still unable to see beyond her own situation and how the study would affect *her*.

All the iced tea affected me, and I had a great opportunity to get a new foot-flushing shot in the ladies’ room!

We all spent the rest of the meal talking about waiting for a new heart, what causes people to get listed, the awful hospital food and so on. The wife asked, “What do they do with the old heart that they take out?” Her husband said, “They incinerate it, I think.” I said, “No, first they inspect it, then sterilize it and send it down to the cafeteria to be ground up for turkey meatloaf day.” I swear it sounded funnier in my head.

For dessert, tiramisu…

After we left, we drove over to Louisville to ear X-tacy in the Highlands. It was pretty late, but the place stays open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. There was a gaggle of teenagers loitering in the parking lot. When Mr. Capp pulled the Suburban in to an open space near them, one of the girls yelled, “Oh My God! Someone’s DAD is here! It’s a raid or something! Everyone scatter!” and they all ran away.


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