The Almighty Cthulhu told me he wasn’t down with my Cut Up Poetry, because the topics of love and adoration of late just weren’t his thing. I offered to write something that involved revenge and people getting smote as sort of an Anti-Valentine’s Day poem, and he grudgingly agreed to give it a look. This project proved harder than I thought, and I ended up just working from the whole “betrayal of trust” and “abuse of authority” thing prevalent at my soon-to-be-ex-workplace.

All That Remains

I cleared space
for you in my life
We were happy together
She appealed to your vanity
A fatal flaw

You were weak
She was bored
Looking for surfeit thrills
Another prowling conquest
A captive prize

We are both asthenic
Powerless to stop it
You take up her offer
l feel eviscerated
A gutted carcass


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