Workplace Apathy {mostly mine}:

KIA {storms into my office, waves papers and a keyboard in my face}: Are you AWARE of what The Almighty Cthulhu has been doing?

Me: No tellin’.

KIA: People have been coming in to return things and he’s been telling them to lay the stuff on his desk and that “someone” will credit their account and send them an e-mail later.

Me: Oh.

KIA: This has GOT to stop!

Me: I’m sure it’ll stop by June 30.

KIA {indignant}: Just because we’re closing is no reason to get sloppy with our work.

Me: That sounds like something he’d have done two years ago. I’m sure he didn’t just now decide on this course of action because we’re closing. And, anyway, why do you always wait to tear into people when they aren’t here to defend themselves?

KIA: …

Me: Because you said that “people have been coming in to return things” and all you have is proof of a single, isolated incident that appeared to have happened when there were a lot of customers on the floor.

KIA: …

Me: Credit the account, or don’t, and please get back to work.


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