Our local weekly free paper has a minimal amount of news and a majority of classified ads. If you want the news without the ads, you have to pay a quarter and buy the real version of the paper. The free paper is delivered by mail each week, whether you want it or not, much like other junk mail.

I was reading a few of the ads yesterday and noticed they aren’t anything like the ads Brian posts. Which may or may not be a bad thing, considering. Here are a few, for your perusal:

FREE HUNTING DOG: Two year old Hound mix. Trees varmints regularly. Never chained. Large bag of dogfood included.

WANT TO BUY: Drivers side door to 1995 Monte Carlo.

FOR SALE: VCR that uses VHS video tapes. Perfect condition. $15.

WANT TO BUY: Good used electric meat grinder and two large pillows.

FOR SALE: Used fence posts and boards. Some good, some bad. Take all or some.

LOOKING FOR BIG RUGS: Or big pieces of carpet that are clean. Please bring to my apartment so I can look at them.

I’m still wondering that one guy wants with a meat grinder and two pillows…


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