With nothing better on my agenda, I decided to go out with two close friends of mine last night. They are a brother and sister I’ve known for years. We all went out to eat, then to the movies. Since none of us could agree on which film to see, we bought tickets to The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. We sat near the front and laughed the entire time, so it was a good decision.

Afterwards, we stopped for ice cream and I’m not exaggerating when I say my single-dip cone cost more than the movie tickets, but was well worth the money.

Word to the ice cream store manager: no one wants to see a 40-something woman “rocking out” to “hits” from the 1970’s while she scoops ice cream, so maybe let your younger workers choose the mixtape next time. I like Queen as much as the next person, but no one’s impressed by your ability to sing along to “We Are the Champions”. Seriously, Queen released a vast selection of tracks from which to choose, so if you MUST dominate the CD player, please pick something like “Keep Yourself Alive” if you want something ELSE people might know. Otherwise, “Ogre Battle” and “Death on Two Legs” would be a welcome change.

But, I digress. After the ice cream, we stopped at Target, because who doesn’t love shopping there? Plus, they always sell the freshest Swedish Fish and you know how important that is. When I got home, I fixed myself a cup of properly made tea with my new kettle and enjoyed wrapping myself up in all the blankets and lounging across the entire bed.


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