Phase One (Friday Night) of Inventory is almost complete. We’re only missing $157,488.87 worth of stuff. Which isn’t too bad, because we started off missing half a million dollars worth of stuff. The weirdest is all the extra items that have appeared from parts unknown.

The Angry Old Woman didn’t work Inventory because she (literally) had an aneurysm, so she went off for surgery and won’t return for several weeks. Ms. Drug Seeker didn’t work Inventory because… well, I don’t know why. But I don’t care, because every thing she counted this afternoon had to be REcounted, since it was ALL WRONG. SBC didn’t work Inventory because he’s been out sick all week with the flu/stress/freaking-out-over-losing-his-job-he’s-had-for-years, etc.

So, without the anxiety-ridden people (CK notwithstanding), Inventory turned out not to be as big a pain as it could’ve been. The Almighty Cthulhu was in charge of music and everyone was happy with his selection of choice tracks. We all return tomorrow morning at 9-ish to try to find everything else and reconcile why we’re over or under on hundreds of stock items.

For now, I’ll go home and try to go to bed early so I can get some rest for tomorrow. But I already know I’ll lay there, rewriting my resume in my head, and ending up fetching my iBook to look for job openings online “for a little while”… and then I’ll look at the clock and it’ll be 1 in the morning and I still won’t be able to sleep, so I’ll fix some tea and read Ulysses until it stops making sense. THEN, I’ll be able to sleep.


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