Phase Two (Saturday) of Terminal Inventory took a strange turn when The Boss decided to come in. I didn’t have him scheduled to work, but he walked in with two dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so I couldn’t very well turn him away. That was my first mistake, because he was moderately angry that Phase One had gone so well without him yesterday! Hours later, he apologized to me and said he should’ve had me running inventory years ago. That’s a nice thought, but I was salaried back then and wouldn’t have pulled down this mad overtime pay.

In funnier news, a bloggable moment came out of a count of the Crumpler Bags.

Me: Hey, who put the wrong stock number on the Scrote?

SBC {unfamiliar with the product line names}: What did you just say?

Me {holding up the bag}: The Scrote, man. Who put the wrong stock number on the Scrote?

SBC: Is that what it’s called?

Me: Here, SBC… do you want to touch the Scrote?

SBC {backing away}: Ummm….

CK: The Scrote is a nice bag. It holds a load.

The Boss: I actually ordered the Scrote for myself, because I didn’t have one. But this one didn’t suit my needs, and that’s why it’s in stock.

Me: Was it the wrong size for you?

The Boss: The Scrote was too large, so I had to get the LollyBag instead.

Ha! Anyway, if anyone’s looking for more of the Crumpler product line, just know that we’re currently out of Brian’s Hot Tub.


More Crumpler Bag humor during the recounts!

KIA: What’s a John Thursday?

CK: Isn’t that like a Scrote?

KIA: I don’t even know what a Scrote IS!

Me: I believe you. I know where you can find a Scrote.

KIA: Oh, I see. The Scrote is over near the Sheep Scarer bags.

I think I want to go work for Crumpler, just so I can take customer phone calls about the product line.


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