I now have proof that my mother isn’t the only one who calls up and tries to pressure her child into taking home furnishings! Dr. Evil just called Mr. Capp and said that his brother had gone to a Board of Education surplus auction. Apparently, the brother is now flush with school desks and lockers and needs to offload some.

Dr. Evil: How many do you want?

Mr. Capp: I don’t want any of them, but thanks for the offer.

Dr. Evil: You need those lockers, I’m sure of it.

Mr. Capp: No, I don’t. And if I’d gone to some surplus auction and bought a load of crap, you’d have said it was a bad idea.

Dr. Evil: These desks and lockers are different. I’ll just have your brother drop off several at your house on Tuesday.

Mr. Capp: Please don’t. I don’t want anything dropped off at the house on any day. I’m trying to get by with less stuff, not more.

Dr. Evil: But, the lockers themselves would be a great conversation piece.

Mr. Capp: Mother, my whole HOUSE is a conversation piece!!


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