Monthly Archives: March 2005


Free tech advice of the day:

If you’re sitting at someone else’s computer, and they have a webcam, you should *always* assume that it’s on.

However, for those of you not following this advice, you’ve provided me with non-stop laughs this morning. Thanks. Oh, and you should probably get a tissue and clean up before they get back.



Happy Birthday to Ewan McGregor!

If anyone had taken my advice and made his birthday a National Holiday, I wouldn’t have to be sitting behind my desk at work right now. I could’ve been sitting on a towel on the beach.


Today marked the end of the best vacation ever.



I got to take the Official Brian McCloskey tour of Los Angeles yesterday. Exciting points along the route included both the Home AND the Work bus stops, the Venice Post Office, the Third Street Promenade, the British Shoppe (which involved some hot teabagging action), Hi-De-Ho, the park where the naked running man was spotted, and the Library, where I met Rachel, Norma, J-Mac and Greg. Fortunately, they recognized me once I turned around and they could see the back of my head.

That would’ve been one spectacular flushing shot if we’d all crammed in to the restroom.


Pasta Factory: Penne with raddichio and gorgonzola sauce; Iced tea.


Outside Brian’s apartment building:

But is it art?


Sunday night, I got to watch the University of Kentucky lose the regional NCAA final in double overtime on a giant television screen, which seemed to increase the agony of defeat in exquisite detail.


Jerry’s Famous Deli: The Cindy Salad and iced tea.