Last night after I fed the cats, I heard the food bowl knocking around on the porch with far more force than usual. I peeked out the door and the largest raccoon EVER was snacking on the dry food. I flipped on the light and the raccoon didn’t stop eating. Kitty (my large boy cat) was yawning and lounging in the Cat Nest that I have set up for them, and Packy (my petite girly girl cat) was sitting, Sphinx-style, in front of the raccoon. He was five times her size. She wasn’t trying to stop the raccoon from eating the food, but she sure was giving him the Hairy Eyeball stare-down over his gluttony.

I opened the inside door and that startled the raccoon. Drunk with overindulgence at the free buffet, he staggered over to the steps then sloppily wandered over to Mr. Mormon’s house to see what else was on offer.


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