Most weekends you’ll find Mr. Capp and I sitting at the dining room table for extended periods of time. He sits on one side of the table with his Dell laptop and I sit on the other side with my iBook. Thanks to the miracle of wireless routers, we’re both online at the same time, but tend to surf different types of websites. For the most part, I read blogs, geeky news items and some newspapers; Mr. Capp reads political rants, political newspapers, theses about Cuban politics, and Spanish-language papers from Central America.

Sunday I noticed he put on his headphones and was clearly gettin’ his groove on to some music. Since he sometimes listens to CDs sent to him by friends, I just guessed he was playing the latest compilation. Then he started *dancing* at the table, which was a first.

Me: What are you listening to?

Mr. Capp: Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous

Me: Who sings it?

Mr. Capp: RuPaul.

Me: I didn’t know RuPaul sang.

Mr. Capp: You should see the music video. This man is goodlooking as a man AND as a woman. I want the CD.

Me: What’s it called?

Mr. Capp: RuPaul RedHot 2004.

Me: Yeah, that’s a hot video. He looks really good in those dresses.

Mr. Capp: Yes, he does. More men should wear dresses, especially if they look that good in a pair of heels.

Me: Women get to wear pants. Why shouldn’t men wear dresses? What’s the big societal double standard?

Mr. Capp: I dunno. What people want to wear don’t bother me none. If certain clothes make you feel good, wear ’em.

Me: I agree. It’s just clothes, man.

He spent the rest of the evening regaling me with RuPaul trivia tidbits, watching the rest of the music videos and singing along, then finally ordering the CD from Amazon. That package delivery will be a welcome change from the books on government, authoritarian regime change, federal sovereignty and imperial stormtroopers he usually buys.


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