Tomorrow is the big Staff Senate meeting. The senators have invited FB (the guy who made the decision to close the store) to be their Guest Speaker and answer questions about the rationale of said decision. I asked The Boss if we were going to close the store and sit in the audience, since it’s open to the public. He said no, that he’d go and report back to us. I told him we should all go, so that FB can put a human face on the decision he’d made. Face our accuser, if you will.

He said he didn’t want to “be embarrassed” by MDS and/or KIA standing up and saying something “ignorant”. I told him that if either of them wanted to stand up and tell FB to kiss their ass, they had that right and the worst that could happen is they’re asked to leave the meeting.

It’s not an Open Forum… it’s a senate meeting, and FB is there to answer questions posed by senators, not by audience members. My point was that since the store is being discussed, we have the right to hear the lies straight from FB’s mouth.

He said no one had expressed interest in attending. After securing everyone’s commitment to attend (SBC was the lone hold-out… his reason was, “I have a lot of work to do.” I told him if he didn’t go to the meeting, he wouldn’t have ANY work to do after June 30. It ultimately took the intervention of MDS to convince him to go), we all e-mailed The Boss and told him we’d like to be there. He was mad enough to give me the Silent Treatment all morning.

When he decided to speak to me again:

TB: You made that sign for the door that said we were closed for inventory, right?
Me: TAC made the sign.
TB: I told you to make the sign.
Me: I delegated that task to TAC.
TB: …
Me: Why, was there something wrong with it? Typo? Vulgar sayings if you read it backwards?
TB: No, I just needed you to make up another one that says we’ll be closed tomorrow afternoon. {smart assedly} I didn’t realize that sign making was outside your skill set.
Me: I wasn’t being paid to make signs. I was being paid to organize inventory. You put me in charge of that process and I did what needed to be done. It was different from what you’d have done, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

I tell ya… gettin’ fired does wonders for one’s self-confidence about speaking out in the workplace.


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