It’s time once again for Sunday House Fire of the Week! This irregular feature will no doubt close down once Spring arrives and people stop overloading electrical outlets with multiple space heaters. Though, judging from the photo, one has to wonder if some neighbors, angry about the continued display of Holiday Decorations, didn’t take matters into their own hands.

On an unrelated note, Ms. A.R. suggested finding out how much FB earns… since all University employee salaries are a matter of open record, SBC located a newspaper article from 2001 that listed the top ten highest paid officials. As best I recall, the Athletics Director was #1, and FB was #2, with a salary of $310,000 per year. That’s about $75,000 more than the *University President* earns. I’m sure he’s received percentage raises since then, so there’s no telling what he makes these days.


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