I stayed home from work today because I have a pounding headache. Mr. Capp diagnosed it as a migraine after I told him the flashing lights were keeping me from seeing the Ibuprofen on the dining room table. He left the house so I could rest and said he wouldn’t bother me. Ha!

However, he just called to tell me that he thought he’d “stop by the University President’s Office”, since he was going to be on campus anyway. I asked if he was calling me from jail. He assured me that he wasn’t, but that may only be because he didn’t get to speak to the President. I told him I didn’t think you could just walk in and start talking to him without an appointment, anyway.

Mr. Capp talked to the Chief of Staff, who apparently blocks access to the President. That’s probably a good policy, given the number of people who have issues. The Chief said that the President is “aware” that a decision has been made to close the Computer Store, but is “unaware” of the financial numbers involved… which is odd, given that “financial reasons” were cited on my termination letter.

The Chief suggested that someone in the store draft a report that details specific numbers, and then send that directly to the President with a copy to FB. If the numbers didn’t add up, perhaps the decision could be reversed.

In my medicated state, I thought the report was a great idea, but I couldn’t write it all by myself, because I don’t have all the financial details and I’d need help. I phoned up The Boss and told him the story. He wasn’t interested in signing such a report, because he’s trying to get another job on campus. Man. I told him maybe everyone in the store could sign it and he said it may negatively affect everyone looking for another job on campus. What kind of place am I working in where people are too frightened to speak up against bad decisions? I already know HIS boss wouldn’t sign or submit a report like that. The Boss said he’d help ME write it… give me information and so on. But he won’t sign it.

I don’t see how these people sleep at night. I hope that I never get to a position in my life where I’m willing to sacrifice the truth and the lives of my staff in exchange for a lousy paycheck.


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