Big Weekend Recap:


1) Attend the Diocesan Chrism Mass at the Cathedral to see if the Bishop is as tall as everyone says; spend the next *three hours* regretting my decision to attend. And not just because the height rumor turned out to be unfounded.
2) Drive to Louisville to visit my parents; take my mother to the Mall so we can shop and she can drain my Life Force.
3) Watch multiple NCAA basketball games on extra-large television placed two feet from the couch at my mother’s house.
4) Return home to house cold enough to double as a set for filming on Hoth; discover with some surprise that furnace is actually lit and safety swtiches are on; determine thermostat has crapped out; bundle up with several blankets while trying to convince Mr. Capp I don’t need to drive to the next town to buy a new thermostat in the middle of the night.
5) Have nightmares about electrocution and causing a house fire due to shoddy electrical work.


1) Wait for local hardware store to open; explain to Sunday Help that I really DO want the Honeywell thermostat I’ve picked out, even though I don’t have air conditioning; wait for them to discuss my purchase amongst themselves before getting rung up; assure them I won’t return it because I’ve “bought the wrong thing”.
2) Turn off main breaker switch; remove old thermostat from wall; sweat bullets, say ten Hail Mary’s, close eyes and cut the “Power” wire; breath sigh of relief upon lack of vaporization.
3) Wire up new thermostat; secure to wall; hope for the best (i.e., no electrical fire) and turn main breaker on; rejoice when furnace kicks in; enjoy all that heated air goodness.
4) Fail to take Sunday Nap due to extra hundred gallons of adrenalin coursing through body.
5) Realize that iChat is a fantastic piece of software.


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