Yesterday was Day 1 of the Lebowski Fest West, so we made our way to The Knitting Factory to listen to some bands and watch a midnight screening of The Big Lebowski. We were a little early, so we stood in line with the other Acheivers, many of who were dressed as characters from the film. While several men were dressed like The Dude (and by “dressed”, I mean they were wearing bathrobes), many more were dressed as Walter. I saw one girl totally outfitted as the Nihilist’s Girlfriend, complete with the front of her right boot cut off.

When the doors opened, they asked for an I.D. before they put on your wristband. A Dude asked the obvious question, “What if your only form of I.D. is a Ralph’s card?” The doorman was very Undude.

Autobahn played and one of the band members threw marmots out into the crowd. Pandemonium ensued.

The balcony area was opened a little later and we moved upstairs to plush seating for the rest of the event. The surprise of the night came when Jeff Bridges took the stage with his band. The crowd went wild! The band played several great tunes, but they could’ve played The Alphabet song and everyone would’ve been happy because, damn… it’s The Dude and he’s LIVE!

Tonight is Day 2 at Cal Bowl for an evening of bowling and what-have-you. Maybe we’ll see Smokey go over the line….


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