The fire alarm went off at work and everyone trooped outside. It happens occasionally, when the buffoons on the third floor burn up their popcorn in the microwave. We lock up the store, stand outside with the smokers and wait for the Fire Marshall to give us the All Clear.

This afternoon was different, because more than two pumper trucks arrived. Firemen with actual axes entered the building. The alarm kept ringing and the UPS truck was stuck in the loading dock. What wasn’t different was that we all still stood there on the sidewalk with the smokers. Some people who don’t even work in our building wandered over to keep us company for the prolonged break, while we discussed the fate of the UPS truck in the event of actual structure collapse. Other topics came up in conversation and TAC claimed harrassment only once. We must be losing our edge.

It turned out that there was an actual fire on the third floor. CK’s accelerant ignited when the fan blowers turned off. No, wait, that’s what’s going to happen June 30.


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