I was loafing at home today and conjectured that my next-door neighbors must sit on their porch ALL DAY LONG. Not Cat Guy… someone picks him up for work in the morning and drops him back off in the afternoon. I have never understood why he doesn’t ride with the guy who lives on the other side of him, since they work at the same farm.

I walked outside around seven this morning to take out garbage bags for Monday Trash Day and saw Mrs. Mormon and her daughter (and the daughter’s two kids) on the porch, so I waved at them. When I went out again around nine to retrieve the trash cans, they were all still sitting there. Around eleven, I heard the daughter telling one of the kids to “stop touching that”. I wondered if they were locked out of the house or what, because I couldn’t imagine spending four full hours on a porch with babies.

The daughter got married in the fall of her senior year in high school. It wasn’t a shotgun affair, but the boy was leaving on a tour with the Navy, so they HAD to get married before he left. After she graduated from high school, she moved to Florida to live on some Naval base and wait for him to return. I guess he must’ve shown back up at least twice, since she has an almost-two-year old and an infant, but then he left her for whatever reason and she moved back in to her old room at her parents’ house. That’s *another* thing I can’t imagine doing, since single life was weird enough at my parents’ house… to add babies would have only exponentially upped the crazy.

I’m not sure how long they stayed out there, because I discontinued spying in favor of napping. I’d better go to work tomorrow before I get too interested in what my neighbors do all day when I’m not usually home.


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