I saw the first snake of the season yesterday. Fortunately (for me, not the snake), it was dead. Unfortunately, I discovered it underneath a piece of cardboard I picked up from the driveway, so my hand was inches away from actually touching the thing.

To take my mind off of that, I finished up my latest Cut Up Poem…


As a cross-dressing single mother
Raising vegetables, flowers and kids,
He wore a khaki skirt in the garden
Like any other ordinary man.

His nurseries held both plants and babies;
All of them were meticulously groomed.
I caught a glimpse of his stockinged thigh
Through the misted greenhouse glass.

I asked to borrow his hedge clippers.
He smiled, since he knew I had no shrubs.
Waiting for tea in his kitchen, I admired
His curve-clutching black velvet dress.


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