What with all the extra vacation days I have to take or lose, I’m getting a lot of The Loafing accomplished.

Today, I’ve already completed a round of shopping at Target and Kohl’s and am getting ready for The Afternoon Nap.

I went to a fish market/sandwich restaurant for lunch. It’s one of these places where you walk in and if you’re there to buy fresh fish, you head to the right. If you’re there for the sandwiches, you head to the left. The man takes your order, which is, “The Special” and your choices are only “white, wheat or rye” and “cole slaw or hush puppies”. That’s it. Then you wait in line with the other people until your number is called. You pick up your bag and leave through the separate Exit door. You don’t ask for extra napkins, tartar sauce or ketchup, because if you wanted these things, you would’ve told the order taker up front and he would’ve charged you appropriately.

While I was in line, a large man came to the Entrance door and yelled, “Anyone here driving a grey Saturn?” A tall man in a business suit turned around and said, “I am… am I blocking you in the parking lot?” The large man said, “Ummm… no. You’re going to have a long day ahead of you… our dump truck just crushed your car…” Everyone in line gasped and the tall man rushed out the Exit door to see what had happened. When his order number came up, one of the cooks took off his apron and went out the side door to personally deliver the tall weeping man’s order.


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