Friday’s Day of Loaf started early and ended late. This morning, we drove to Georgetown to peruse the selection at the Honda motorcycle dealer. Or, more accurately, I rode in the Suburban as Mr. Capp drove me to Georgetown so he could sit on a Goldwing at the bike shop. I amused myself over in the motorcycle outfits department.

After I had my fill of leather chaps and corsets, we strolled over to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Their Spring menu featured the return of raspberry iced tea with unlimited refills. I had numerous refills, because you can never drink enough raspberry iced tea. When we got up to leave, I turned around and saw BC, our department administrator. He was seated with a woman two tables behind me and I had to walk past him to get out of the restaurant. I hesitated and Mr. Capp asked what was up. I wondered aloud if a person like me were off-duty (as it were) in a public place, if was I allowed to walk up to a “random” person (who was supposed to BE at work) and say something like, “You suck” and if so, was that a firable offense or not, because it wasn’t exactly work-related.

Mr. Capp’s take on it was that the woman had been there all along and BC had just shown up, and maybe we were witnessing a tryst in progress. Out in the truck, Mr. Capp gave me his camera and made me go back inside to take a stealth photo of the pair, “just in case” the picture could be used as blackmail. Man. What was even MORE disturbing was the ease with which a person really CAN go in to a Cracker Barrel, sit down at the Checkers Board and take any number of non-flash, high-quality digital photos of a pair of diners without ANYone noticing.


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