Several months ago, I divested myself of my vinyl album collection. For the most part, I haven’t missed them, because I also gave away my turntable. Yet, some days I find myself wishing I’d kept one or two out of the three hundred I shopped off to the Salvation Army. Those are the days I can’t find a replacement on CD. You’d think, that in the year 2005, a girl wouldn’t have any trouble finding ANYthing on CD, but it happens.

The record I’m missing today was the Original Roxy Cast soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show from 1974. Yes, there’s a film version soundtrack, but it’s just not the same. I finally discovered the reason I’d been having trouble locating the CD is that it isn’t one CD anymore. It was re-released as a 15th Anniversary 2-CD set that contains the Roxy Cast version AND other stuff.

A trip to the local CD store is in order!


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