Work today wore me out. Between the attempt at training a freaked-out incompetent woman to do the bulk of my work once I’m gone and SBC calling in sick for the rest of the week, I got hardly any loafing accomplished.

This afternoon, I’ve been clearing out old e-mail, which is always good for a laugh. I don’t even know why I save e-mails, since I hardly ever refer back to them.

I found one exchange in my Drafts Folder from the Staff Listserv in 2002. It should’ve served as an early clue that I work with buffoons:

Person A: To attend the Leadership Seminar, you must register with the Priority Code of “UK” in order to get the discount.
Person B: What is the UK priority code?
Me: Well, genius, if you can’t read that the priority code IS “UK”, then maybe you shouldn’t be attending a leadership seminar.

Then there were loads of exchanges with TAC:

Me: Speaking of autos, I think you’ve reached maximum flair stage for your vehicle.
TAC: i have not yet begun to flair

TAC: So I am really surprised you didn�t chronicle my near china syndrome nuclear meltdown on your blog. My nearly killing everyone we work with just not as cool as toilets huh
Me: I’m still not over the shock. It scares me to write it out. It may set you off all over again if you read it online…

Me: Why am I always the last to know?
TAC: cause u dont have cable

Me: My cat clock ran out of battery power, so *for laughs* I went over to SBC and said, “My cat clock is dead. I suspect foul play. That’s why I’m at your desk.” He went all red in the face and said he had nothing to do with it. I told him I was kidding and he continued to maintain his innocence. I said, “It’s a joke, man. I’m just teasing you because you didn’t like the clock.” He kept mumbling about how he had nothing to do with it….
TAC: we work with the most jacked up bunch of friggin idiots this side of hell


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