Another day of training the warehouse woman. I weep for the future.

In the middle of dealing with her inability to open an Excel file (because she’d clicked “save”, not “open”), I had to take a call from one of my main vendors who claimed their shipping company couldn’t deliver a drop shipped order to the University of Louisville because the zip code was incorrect. Without even looking at the purchase order, I told the vendor the zip code should be 40292.

Vendor: That’s a PO Box.
Me: That’s the zip code for the entire U of L campus.
Vendor: FedEx said it references a PO Box.
Me: There may BE a PO Box that uses that zip code, because the entire U of L campus uses the same number.
Vendor: We can’t deliver to a PO Box.
Me: The order isn’t addressed to a PO Box. It’s addressed to a room inside a building.
Vendor: But the zip code is for a PO Box.
Me: It’s also the zip code for every single building on the U of L campus.
Vendor: We can’t ship this.
Me: If you’re telling me that FedEx is unable to deliver anywhere on the University of Louisville campus, then you need to use a different shipping company.

Then she transferred me to the lady at FedEx and I had to repeat the conversation until she admitted the problem “must be” on their end. You think?

The Boss said I should’ve said, “Stay where you are. I’ll be right over to split your skull with the butt of my revolver.”


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