DIY Homeless Kit

DIY Homeless Kit
Originally uploaded by scooterdeb.

After getting fed up with submitting numerous resumes and filling out endless numbers of job applications without employment results, I decided to break out and start my own business.

In these harsh economic times, it’s hard to know where to begin when you’re faced with drastic life changes. I plan to offer Do It Yourself Homeless Starter Kits in three different configurations.

Shown here is the Mega Deluxe Three Cart Model, but the Super Deluxe Two Cart Model and the Deluxe One Cart Model are also available for the newly homeless with limited budgets and minimal panhandling experience.

The Mega Deluxe version allows you to properly sort your scavenged recyclables while keeping your bedroll and blankets separate. The extra cart serves as a bonus storage facility for clothing, chairs, an umbrella and other luxury items not easily schlepped around in a single buggy.

With the purchase of any Cart model, I’ll throw in a free shiv so you can shank anyone who tries to jack your loot.


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