I was standing in line at the bank today when a wild-haired woman flew through the doors. She was full of some white-hot rage and immediately lashed out upon the manager in the lobby. Her ATM card had been eaten by the machine and she demanded the bank return it AND give her the money she wanted.

The manager removed the card from the machine and told her it had been revoked because her PIN number was incorrectly entered three times. The woman ranted and raved that she KEPT money in her account, she KNEW her PIN number, she HATED this bank and all of its incompetent staff, etc. The manager checked her account and agreed that she had money available, and that her PIN number hadn’t been changed by anyone at the bank.

Finally, the manager asked to see the card again. The woman continued her tirade. Then he asked her, “Your name is Zelda, right?” Yes, of course it was, the woman sniffed. He politely handed her the card back and said, “You’re using Martha’s card.”

Talk about a change of demeanor! Oh, haha! Martha is her sister! She must have picked up the wrong card by accident! Oh, my! Honest mistake and what have you! Cheerio! and she was out the doors…


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