You’d think walking up to the Post Office would be a simple matter. However, there were some political activists blocking the entrance.

Man: You look like a sane person.

Me: Oh, I exude sanity. I’m crammed full of saneness.

Man: You should help us bring down George Bush.

Me: Is he stuck?

Man: Our governmental system is based on the British form of government.

Me: Yes, I can see how that would happen, what with the whole Virginia Charter, William Penn and what have you.

Man: What we need to do is get rid of this Adam Smith form of economic rigidness.

Me: Don’t tell me you’ve actually seen the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace!

Man: I have and it tells me that we need to intervene and have General Motors stop making so many cars and retool their factories to make high-speed passenger trains.

Me: Who has the authority to tell a private corporation what to produce?

Man: Congress.

Me: …

Man: FDR did it.

Me: This is why you’re standing out here? To convince people that if GM built trains instead of cars, our entire economy would be saved?

Man: It’s true. Here… have a brochure.

Me: Ah. Lyndon LaRouche. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard since the 1980’s.

Man: He’s making a comeback.

Me: I thought he was still in prison.

Man: No, he’s out. And you know that AIDS was invented as a way to kill off people in Third World countries so that the United States could depopulate the areas and take all their natural resources.

Me: …

Man: Zionism is the main problem in this country.

Me: Ummm…. I’m going to go use the Federal Postal Service now.

Man: Be sure to leave a donation for us when you come back out.


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