Me: I’m driving up to the Ralph’s. Do you need me to pick up anything for you?

Mr. Capp: …

Me: Oh, I saw some people protesting outside the Post Office today.

Mr. Capp: What political action committee were they with?

Me: The LaRouche people.

Mr. Capp: You’re not serious…

Me: I am.

Mr. Capp: You didn’t talk to them, did you?

Me: I didn’t know they were LaRouche people until the guy told me Zionism was the result of an underground collective out of Oxford University and that the British financial district controls the thought process of the average American citizen.

Mr. Capp: You just need to stop talking to crazy people.

Me: …

Mr. Capp: I don’t mean me.

Me: For a moment there, I wasn’t sure.


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