Tonight’s big movie feature was Autumn Sonata (Hostsonaten) at the Aero Theater. Just as no one told me about Double Features at the New Beverly Theater, no one told me about Ingmar Bergman films.

I sat there in the second row and became increasingly disenchanted with life in general. The acting was great and the scenes were perfectly shot, but for crap’s sake, the intensity of reality was so harsh that I wanted to open a wrist right there in the theater. As real life played out across the screen, I could only weep and wish for a thermonuclear exchange to occur outside so everyone could be spared life’s pain.

Once the film ended (and really, that’s all that happened… it could well have gone on for hours and hours… it wasn’t “over”), I called CK to tell her I was ready to drive in to the Pacific and end it all. She suggested not watching anymore Bergman films and going to Karaoke night at the Britannia. I can’t say that was entirely helpful, since the songs people chose to sing included SEVERAL from Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi and Eurythmics… each as depressing as the one before.

It’s a good thing tomorrow is Friday. I need to take the entire day off and recover from this whole Bergman downer.


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