Three things I did today to break out (successfully) of that funk Bergman laid on me:

1) Walked up to the beach, took off my shoes, parked my giant ass on the sand, propped myself next to my favorite rock and dozed in the warmth of the sun while cool ocean breezes washed over me and Deep Blue Day played through my headphones. +Happy +Relaxing

2) Wandered over to the basketball courts and joined a game. Upon one man’s despair over missing shot after shot, the other man said, “Man, it ain’t nothin’. Look what you got. You’re playing basketball in the middle of the day. You’re standing in the sun on Venice Beach. The Pacific Ocean is at your feet. Other people WISH they had this. It don’t matter if you don’t make that shot.” +Happy +Perspective

3) Saw Star Wars Episode III (again) with a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan whose commentary managed to make me bust out laughing at the most inappropriate moments. +Happy +Complete Silliness


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