On Sundays, the Venice Beach Drum Circle meets on the, uh… beach… and I walked up there this evening to see what was happening. After I located the group and slogged through the dunes, I inhaled the aroma of burning herbs. One man was walking around the circle with a bundle of burning sage, but many more people were lounging in the sand and burning their own things.

As I thought to myself, “This drum circle needs more cowbell,” two cowbell players showed up! What wondrous luck!

A wandering bongo player invited me to join in and play his drum for awhile. Far out.

I called CK to share the love and to tell her that amongst all the revelers was one beautiful shirtless man that seemed her type. Johnny Depp with nipple rings. CK said she loved drum circles for that very reason.

The sun went down over the mountains and the drummers and dancers continued until 9:30 PM when the Lifeguard Patrol busted up the group by driving over and shining their zillion-watt deer hunting lights on everyone.


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