Today I remembered to pack the Zire for stealth photos at the workplace du jour. The pictures around the map are the ones I made tape loops for yesterday. I’m sure all the children are eternally grateful for my efforts. The map shows where all the children are from.

I handed the third grade teacher a letter for one of her students:

Me: The music teacher made a substitution for the art exhibit opening on Thursday, so Sunbeam needs to take this letter home to her parents, since she’s going to sing that night and Moonflower isn’t.

Teacher: Who gave you this letter?

Me: The music teacher.

Teacher: I’ll have to talk to the Director about this. She can’t do this to me. I told her if anyone else from my class went to this thing, then I’d have half the class out.

Me: Oh, no, it’s the same amount of kids. Moonflower has a sore throat, so Sunbeam is taking over.

Teacher: I told her I can’t have any more kids out!

Me: …

For lunch I walked over to the Park and ate a big salad at one of the picnic tables.

When I got back to the school, the math enrichment teacher was having a meltdown over a decision made by the Director. “She can’t just cancel math during the last two weeks of school! I’ve put up with her calendar changes all year long and I’ve had it!” I couldn’t hear the rest of the tantrum, since I was taking a call for the Director from the yearbook teacher who was saying, “And you TELL her that if she doesn’t tell me her decision about this book TODAY, I’m sending everything back to the printers!”


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