A poem in the style of William McGonagall should really be posted on June 12, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind my belated homage to his Poetic Gems.

The IHOP Disaster

The elephants in Pancakes House
Stampeded when they did espy a wee, tiny mouse.

Trumpeting in terror and fright
As they all did rush quickly from the sight!

Pachyderms and kitchen help were at loggerheads.
Said the chef, “If we cannae git them oot, we’re all doo-med!”

They trampled the cheap tea, bread and jam
And also some of Lipton’s ham.

But alack and alas! All their panicking was in vain
Since the mouse on their ample heels did gain.

Up on to the blue banquettes they did climb
Taking up all the tables at dinner time
And then tipped their waitress only a dime.


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