Larry’s poem in the style of William McGonagall was too good to let languish in the comments. Let’s face it… Larry rocks.

The Foyle Bridge

Twenty miles south of the North Atlantic spume
Lies a feat of civil engineering, made possible by the efforts of Mr John Hume
Against it, there�s not a man who can say an honest word
It was opened on the eighteenth of October nineteen hundred and eighty-four, by the Right Honourable Douglas Hurd
Stretching from Gransha in the east, to Madam�s Bank in the west
None can gainsay that of Ireland�s bridges, it�s certainly one of the best
Situated not far away, to add I might beg
From the double-deckered structure named after the peer formerly known as Sir James Craig

O ancient citadel of Derry
With walls as strong as Broughty Ferry
Should threat to your maidenhood ever loom
There�ll ne�er be need to break any description of a boom
Safe passage now thrice assured to the Queen and her men
Along her highway to prevent siege and strife e�er again.


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