The Interview Advice must have worked, because I have a second meeting with the same people tomorrow. Their office has more security checkpoints than the US-Canadian border. When I pulled in to the parking structure, the guard searched the trunk of the car. Good thing I’d only just removed all my DIY Home Terrorist Kits and washed the blood out of the carpeting.

I parked the car and left my key with a different guard, went through a security access area to get on the elevator, checked in at the front desk after I showed a photo ID, pasted my Visitor Bar Code tag on the front of my suit, got personally escorted to (then placed on) an elevator that opened only on the floor where my interview was located.

At least I know that if I get this job, only people that work with me will be able to open fire with semi-automatic rifles in the office. I’d hate to be shot by a stranger.


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