Overheard at last night’s Scrabble match:

1) Barf? That’s your opening word??

2) Barf AND hurl? Two emetic verbs in one game? Isn’t there a rule against that?

3) Now you’ve put down barf, dram, hurl and chugs. I sense a theme.

I thought we were playing Party Scrabble, where everyone takes a drink after a related word is played.

Then I’ll just have to put down “winery” on this triple word score block.

4) You crazy Americans with your alternate spellings.

5) Hurly isn’t a word.

It is.

What’s it mean?

… it goes with Burly …

That doesn’t make any sense.

Look it up, then.

No, you can have it, since I’m ahead by 745 points already.


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