Me: Man. You actually wrote thoughtful stuff in college…

Brian: My class presentation was described as a tour de force.

Me: Not a tour de farce?

Brian: No, that was my presentation on Laurel & Hardy.

Me: Was your presentation on fine wines a pour de force?

Brian: You’re thinking about my dermatology presentation; that was a pore de force.

Me: Maybe it was your architecture presentation… a door de force.

Brian: You know, it might have been my presentation on Feminism – I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar de force.

Me: I think it was your mythology presentation. They called it a minotaur de force.

Brian: The wind kept blowing my papers around when I was writing, so it became shut that bloody door de force.

Me: Didn’t you once write a paper called, “My trip to County Down” and have it hailed as a Bangor de force?

Brian: No, that was my article about the Cannes Film Festival, which was a Palme D’Or de force.

Me: I thought that was your Arsenal Player Expose’ that was called a Kolo Toure de Force.

Brian: Are you sure you’re not thinking about my Beatles book, Apple Corps de force?

Me: …

Brian: Or my anthology about sleeping – a snore de force.

Me: Clearly, I just have to let you win.

Brian: Because I’ll always have one more de force.


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