This morning I interviewed a second time at an investment banking firm. I met no less than ten of the staff members with whom I’d be working. Everyone was professional and very polite, but one very blonde girl stood out in the crowd.

Her: So, where ye frum?

Me: Kentucky.

Her: I cud tale, ye know. Cuz ye got that accent.

Me: …

Her: Whar’d ye werk last?

Me: The University of Kentucky.

Her: Oh, they got a gret daince team.

Me: The Dance Cats?

Her: Yeah. We useta compete aginst ’em.

Me {Thinking – “This investment banking firm has a dance team??”}: Yes. They’ve won many awards, I think.

Her: Ah’m frum Nawth Carlina.

Me: …

Absolutely no one else commented on my obviously pronounced Kentucky accent. If only I’d thought to say something like, “When the fire truck drove past, I had to pull my car over to the berm”, she might’ve been convinced that I was from Ohio.


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