Bad movie – Manos: Hands of Fate
Bad movie about fishing – Manos: Hands of Bait
Bad movie about bigots – Manos: Hands of Hate
Bad movie about the boss of Darrin Stevens – Manos: Hands of Larry Tate
Bad movie about expensive flooring – Manos: Hands of Slate
Bad movie about dinnerware – Manos: Hands of Plate
Bad movie about Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel – Manos: Hands of Mates of State
Bad movie about presidential impeachment – Manos: Hands of Watergate
Bad movie about cargo – Manos: Hands of Freight
Bad movie about a sporadic outbreak – Manos: Hands of Spate
Bad movie about Adrian Mole’s girlfriend – Manos: Hands of Pandora Braithwaite
Bad movie about a carnival – Manos: Hands of Fete
Bad movie about chess – Manos: Hands of Checkmate
Bad movie about a shipping container – Manos: Hands of Crate
Bad movie about Zach Braff – Manos: Hands of Garden State
Bad movie about a royal funeral – Manos: Hands of Lying In State
Bad movie about a mass murdering asshat – Manson: Hands of Sharon Tate


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