Seven Things I Did For the First Time Ever Today:

1) Found out why Southwest Airlines has the cheapest rates.

2) Listened to Revolver on proper headphones.

3) Completed this Sudoku puzzle.

4) Watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show reenacted in thirty seconds BY BUNNIES.

5) Clapped after a flight attendant sang the following over the intercom:

We love you
You love us
‘Cause we’re more fun
Than takin’ the bus
We hope you enjoyed
Our hospitality
Marry one of us
And you fly free

6) Got in a taxi at 5:15. In. the. morning.

7) Heard a flight attendant mix it up during the safety speech by saying, “If we experience a change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead compartments. If you are seated next to a child, or someone who acts like a child, please secure your mask first before you take care of the screaming people.”


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